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Sl.No. Name Scanned Image Size Downloads
50 Taluk Panchayat Members Training Handbook -2016  60.1MB    Download
49 Parivartane - Zilla Panchayat Members Training Handbook -2016  12.2MB    Download
48 Human Development Performance of Grama Panchayaths in Karnataka-2015  6.91MB    Download
47 Hand Book for GP Memebers Training-2015  7.81MB    Download
46 PDO Refresher Course Reading Material  3.31MB    Download
45 Operation Guidelines for MGNREGA 4th Edition  34.7MB    Download
44 Circular for PDOs -3  78.5MB    Download
43 Newly Recruited PDOs Foundation Course Hand Book Part-4  6.56MB    Download
42 Newly Recruited PDOs Foundation Course Hand Book Part-3  14.5MB    Download
41 Newly Recruited PDOs Foundation Course Hand Book Part-2  13.7MB    Download
40 Newly Recruited PDOs Foundation Course Hand Book Part-1  13MB    Download
39 Newly Recruited PDOs Training Module  8.27MB    Download
38 Circulars for PDOs Training  17.9MB    Download
37 Training Hand Book For Bill Collectors on Resource Mobilization  2.18MB    Download
36 Training Book on Capacity Building of GP Elected Women Representatives  4.20MB    Download
35 Training Hand Book and Work Book for Capacity Building of ZP & TP Elected Women Representatives  2.35MB    Download
34 Reading Material for Panchayat Development Officer Refresher Course  5.91MB    Download
33 Clearance of Audit Objections at GP Level  3.56MB    Download
32 Namma Taluk Panchayathi  7.63MB    Download
31 Namma Zilla Panchayathi  8.51MB    Download
30 MGNREGS Technical Manual Q/A Book  7.63MB    Download
29 MGNREGS Reading Material for JE Trg  48.1MB    Download
28 General Reading Material for JE Trg  3.12MB    Download
27 Technical Staff Training Module  1.20MB    Download
26 Panchayat Development Officers Training on New categories of works, Convergence & Laber budget
 32.1MB    Download
25 Executive officers Training on New categories of works,Participatory planing, Convergence & Technicality
 26.6MB    Download
24 Bonded Labourer Q/A Book  794KB    Download
23 Training Hand Book for Trainers on Gender Responsive Governance        Download
22 EWR Training Book  2.59MB    Download
21 UN Women Dairy    992KB    Download
20 Sensitisation Workshop    2.85MB    Download
19 Procedings of National Seminar on GRAMA SABHA    1.74MB    Download
18 Taluk Panchayat Executive Officer's Book    1.55MB    Download
17 Circulars for Executive Officer    2.86MB    Download
16 Planning and Audit    938KB    Download
15 Janayojane - Grassroot Level    97.2KB    Download
14 N R L M Kaipidi (Kannada)  880KB    Download
13 UN Women Motivators Book  1.22MB    Download
12 GP Electricity Bill Payment  1.40MB    Download
11 GP Resource Mobilisation Mahiti Kaipidi  1.28MB    Download
10 MGNREGA - Compendium Book  6.94MB    Download
9 LAB TO LAND- Development Programme  1.10MB    Download
8 LAB TO LAND- BNVs Diary  216KB    Download
7 MGNREGA- Mahiti Kaipidi  3.69MB    Download
6 MGNREGA- Success Stories (English Version)  42.5MB    Download
3-5 Grama panchayat Presidents and Vice presidents Training materials
Janadhikaara      Download -1
   download -2
   download 3
Panchayat Raj Questions and Answers      Download -1
   download -2
Development Works      Download -1
   download -2
2 Grama panchayat Secretary Training materials      Download
1 Training Material developed for various trainings organised by ANSSIRD -      Download

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